Plush Suspension Setup Session

25 August 2021

Perfecting your suspension setup!

We specialize in suspension tuning, servicing, and rider setup.

Our setup program will give you a well-balanced bike that inspires confidence out on the trail and will also give you the knowledge to make adjustments to suit any situation, track, or terrain.

Our suspension technicians will guide you through the setup process and ensure we get as close to perfect as we possibly can as well as teaching you about the features of your own suspension system giving you the confidence to explore the adjustments available to you on your own bike!

Our suspension setups are £99 and can be booked by emailing us on the link below. Please give us an idea of your rider weight, what bike you are bringing and any specific suspension performance requirements you may want to achieve whilst you are with us.

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So what happens during the set-up?

The setup session is based at our workshop and will take about an hour. During your setup, we will completely analyze your bike including your rider position, components tweaks and then suspension settings.

Any volume spacers required to optimize your setup are included in the booking price as well as a full settings sheet recording your settings and all the time you need to ask questions.

The key points of the setup are:

  • An introduction to the fundamentals of suspension setup.
  • Explain the available adjustments on your bike and their intended uses.
  • Analyzing your current setup.
  • Making changes to ascertain your "base" suspension settings.
  • Optimizing those settings to give you the maximum performance from your suspension systems.
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