After your service

24 August 2021

Once your suspension is back on your bike it is ready to ride and will stay feeling Plush as long as it is set up correctly, kept clean and maintained in line with our maintenance tips outlined below.

We normally recommend that you service your suspension once a year in normal riding conditions (2 times a week and well maintained) however there will be situations where a lower leg service or an air can service would be advantageous. An average week in the alps on your bike with 50+ miles of downhill per day will put enormous stress on your suspension and we would recommend a full service straight after any hard riding like this.

If you are racing then it's certainly advantageous to service your suspension as much as possible. Ask us about our suspension setups and tuning options to get the most out of your race bike!

We take great care to get your suspension back to you in great condition fully serviced and with your current setting checked and recorded. However, there are some things you need to know to get the most out of your system after your service with us.


The settings sheet that comes with your service are your current settings. These may or may not be optimized for you and we would recommend coming for a suspension setup with us in-store as setting suspension up remotely can be tricky

Oil purge

After your service, you may find that there is some purging of excess oils and lubricants that we have used during the rebuild. This is normal and should be wiped clean where possible. It's worth noting that properly lubricated forks will always show a small witness mark of oil on the stanchion, especially in dry and dusty conditions.

Air pressure

We try hard to get your suspension back to you with the air spring correct pressure but some systems will need the positive and negative air chamber to be balanced or “swapped” and sag set even after servicing to get optimum performance. You should always refer to your user guide for this procedure or call us and we can run you through it!

Damper fluid migration

In some systems (Rockshox, Marzocchi, Bos) you may find that damper fluid moves inside the fork during shipping causing a gap in the damping feel. This is caused by the damper fluid moving out of the open bath or semi-open bath part of the damper and you will need to cycle the fork through its travel 20 or so times to revive the feel and bleed the fluid back into the damper.

Service intervals

Service intervals are variable and there are recommendations set as averages by all manufacturers however we find that if you want the best performance possible out of your system that regular maintenance makes a big difference! 100 hours of normal riding for most systems should be fine however if you are riding long descents or racing we would recommend more timely servicing to keep you up to speed!

Suspension aftercare

Like any component, your suspension system works best when it is clean and lubricated properly. Keeping your fork dust seals free of dirt and lubricated with a non-silicon suspension lubricant will ensure the proper performance and longevity of your suspension system. Check our website for our recommended suspension care products.

Service returns

During your service, we will replace seals, o-rings, damper fluid, and eyelet bushes, where applicable and we will advise you on components that we feel are excessively worn or damaged however we cannot guarantee the integrity of original parts and their longevity after your service. If a failure does occurring after your service with us and we will always do whatever we can within reason to get you back on the bike as soon as possible.

Our warranty

We offer 3 months warranty on our workmanship and the standard manufacturer's warranty on any parts fitted. However, this does not extend to original parts or components used in your suspension system. We will always let you know if parts are worn or likely to fail in the future and you should refer to your service notes for specific information.

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