What happens to my shock when it's at Plush Suspension?

After your shock has arrived with us we book it into our system as received and put it into our awaiting service storage. You will at this point receive an email or text notification to state that we have received your shock safe and sound!

Once your suspension service bench date has arrived it will be inspected by one of our technicians for any external wear or areas of concern and notes will be made on our system if we find anything that we need to relay to you about the pre service condition of the shock.

Once the technician is happy to proceed with the service you will receive a notification stating that your shock is being worked on. At this point your shock will be chemically cleaned and all damper settings, air spring settings and volume spacer arrangement will be recorded for us to reinstate at the end of the service.

Shock Service 1

Your fork will then be disassembled and all key components will be stripped, cleaned and inspected for wear, damage and function.

Once we are happy that the internal components are healthy enough to be serviced we will start to replace any worn or damaged seals, glide rings, quad rings and pressure seals where applicable.

Firstly we will removed your old Shock eyelet bushes which will be replaced with brand new ones later in the service. Then we strip your damper down and fully inspect the shims for any wear or damage. Your shock will then be rebuilt with new seals and fresh damper fluid and will then be bled on our dedicated shock damper bleeding machine.

Shock Service 2

Once we have finished bleeding your shock we will re charge the damper with nitrogen and then check lockout function on our hand dyno.

We don't use aftermarket seals or oils in our services so you can be sure that your forks warranty is still intact and that it will be working as intended when it comes back to you.

Once your Shock is back together it will be tested for function and all damper settings will be reinstated and recorded on your service job report sheet which will be with the Shock when it is posted back to you. At this point your Shock is put into our goods out storage ready for shipping. You will receive a notification of completion, alongside payment instructions.

If you have any further questions, please contact us!