SDG Circuit Mtn Cro-Mo Rail Saddle

SDG Circuit Mtn Cro-Mo Rail Saddle

The circuit is super low profile race saddle, lightweight and stiff for uncompromised performance and gram saving. That’s not to say it’s uncomfortable though, a hidden relief pressure relieving cut out helps with the lengthy times you’ll spend seated.

We are big fans of the flat and rounded SDG tail on this saddle, helps you get that weight quickly and easily over the rear wheel in the steep stuff.

The gram count low is across the Circuit range, and Cro-mo rails keeps the pound count low too. Win Win!


  • Rugged, durable and all day comfort with Kevlar sides, ideal for xc, trail, endure and downhill.
  • Flat-Forward Platform allows ease of movement on the saddle
  • Hidden undercut relief under the base of the saddle
  • Glass reinforced Nylon base with bridge: Increases power transfer
  • Light-Weight EVA foam
  • 2pc Microfiber top with Kevlar sides
  • Cro-Mo rails
  • Length x Width: 280mm x 135mm
  • Weight: 235g