RockShox BoXXer Fork Service Kit

RockShox BoXXer MTB Suspension Fork Service Kit

Home service kits for RockShox BoXXer Forks. Kits to suit all model of BoXXer. These kits include genuine RockShox dust seals, foam rings, oil seals and o-rings, just like you get from the factory. High quality damper fluid, lower leg fluid and specially formulated Plush Suspension grease.

Original RockShox BoXXer Service Kit Includes

  • Genuine RockShox seal pack
  • Dust wiper seals
  • Foam rings
  • O-rings
  • 200ml of 5wt Suspension Fluid
  • 30ml 15wt Lower Leg Fluid
  • Plush suspension grease syringe