Push industries ELEVENSIX for YT

PUSH Industries ELEVENSIX for YT

If you are looking for the ultimate suspension exotica then it has to be the Push ElevenSix coil shock. A shock that rides like no other on the market with a damper tune selected specifically for your weight and your bikes leverage rate meaning you'll get the perfect ride feel every time!

Exquisite levels of machining precision and the highest quality materials used in every component and perfectly tuned to your YT's 4-bar Linkage.

Push Eleven Six Damper


Damper Type
Dual Compression Valve
Spring Type
Optimum Body Diameter Hyperco
Hard Anodised
External Adjustment
High speed / Low speed compression x2 / Low speed rebound
Eyelet type
Spherical bearing
Damper features
Hydraulic Bottom Out Control Valve

Hydraulic Bottom-Out Control

One of the key features of the new ElevenSix shock is the Hydrualic Bottom Out Control system. This secondary shaft piston provides large increases in compression damping during the last 15% of shock stroke. Because it's completely independent of the main damping piston there are no compromises in the shock's performance throughout the stroke.

Say goodbye to harsh bottoming as the new Hydraulic Bottom Out Control allows you to ride harder and go bigger with a smooth and supportive end of stroke feel.

Push Hydraulic bottom out

Hypercoil Progressive Spring

Working with HyperCo, a world leader in performance racing springs, ensures that only the finest materials and most advanced spring designs are utilized for each ELEVENSIX shock. Offered in 25lb/in increments, each HyperCoil is specifically designed to be the lightest and most accurate MTB spring available today. The exclusive OBD design allows for perfect positioning of the end coils for an extremely linear compression characteristic that is not only great for performance but keeps the spring from making noise, rubbing, and binding on the shock body.

To complement the linear HyperCoil spring, progressive open-cell rod bumpers are specifically engineered to control ending-stroke progression and spring rate, giving riders plush initial travel with plenty of ramp-up to control the handling of large jumps and drops.

As a rear shock spring is compressed the ends rotate slightly causing binding and a loss of small bump sensitivity in traditional MTB shocks.

Each ELEVENSIX however, features our exclusive PTX spring bearing and 360 degree captured spring retainers to ensure that this rotation happens friction-free leading to increases in small bump sensitivity and traction.

Push Hypercoil spring

Dual Compression Valves

The Patented Dual Overhead Compression Valve System on all Push ElevenSix shocks allows you to dial in two separate sets of compression settings.

The light grey valve set is tuned to be adjusted for descending giving you both high and low-speed compression adjusters and then the dark grey valve set is tuned to give you a much firmer platform for trail or climbing characteristics but still has dedicated high and low-speed adjustments.

Just use the toggle switch to move from one valve set to the other!

All of this adjustment also now comes easier than ever. The new ELEVENSIX features completely sealed adjusters that are re-shaped, larger in size, and feature an internal bushing system to make them easy to turn.

The ElevenSix now has an increased range of adjustments to help you get the perfect damping feel.

25 Clicks of External Low-Speed Compression Adjustment

25 Clicks of External High-Speed Compression Adjustment

18 Clicks of External Low-Speed Rebound Adjustment

Push Elevensix dual compresion valves

4 Port Progressive Damper Piston

The damping piston found in the all-new ELEVENSIX features completely redesigned compression and rebound port profiles, providing smoother flow and an increase in damper response leading to a more controlled ride. The new piston assembly also features reconfigured progressive compression and rebound valving stacks providing less damping on small and high-frequency bumps while providing greater damping on larger impacts and g-outs.

This new design delivers just the right amount of damping to maximize both comfort and control.

Push elevensix damper piston

High Volume Low Displacement Internal Floating Piston

In order to ensure consistent traction and bump-eating performance even on the most demanding descents, the ELEVENSIX features a large volume reservoir and IFP. The large area and unique seal gland design of the IFP allow for minimal movement in high-frequency bumps mimicking the low friction characteristic of a bladder system and increasing traction without the negative attributes such as gas migration and bladder deformation from heat.

Push Elevensix IFP

Spherical Eyelet Bearings

Decreasing friction directly leads to increases in small bump sensitivity and traction providing a more comfortable ride. PUSH precision-ground and hardened spherical ball bearings eliminate both rotational frictions from linkages as well as shaft binding friction caused by flex under load. Quickly realizing that traditional off the shelf bearings were not up to the task, PUSH engineers went to work developing a specific system to address both the harsh riding conditions as well as high loads with unparalleled durability.

HERO Push Spherical bearing