Ohlins RXF36 Trail M2 Coil TTX18 27.5

Axle Type
Steerer Type

Ohlins RXF36 Trail M2 Coil TTX18 27.5

The Ohlins RXF sets the standard for precision and performance. The suspension technology that Ohlins brings to the MTB market in the RXF air spring, chassis and the TTX damper are world-leading with many other brands releasing similar products after a few years of head-scratching!

The Ohlins RXF 36 is one the most tuneable forks on the market with a host of features to help you get the best performance from your setup as well as the awesome support that Brink offers in house via Plush Suspension.

Available in a range of travel options and offset options to suit all types of rider and bike as well as some awesome setup support from the Ohlins Performance Suspension Guide and custom tuning options available on request.

Ohlins PSG



  • 36 & 38mm chassis available

  • 150 - 180mm travel options

  • Various offset options

  • Floating axle clamp design to ensure perfect bushing alignment

  • SKF low friction dust seals

  • Max tyre size 29 x 2.8


  • Twin Tube TTX damper technology. The twin-tube system reduces internal damper pressure and means higher performance and less servicing!

  • 15 clicks of useable adjustment for low-speed compression and rebound

  • 3 clicks of high-speed compression

  • Pedal platform

  • Custom tunes available

Coil spring:

  • Travel adjustable Ohlins coil spring

Ohlins RXF 36 M2 Trail Coil 27 5

Ohlins RXF36 Trail M2 Coil TTX18 27.5 Specification

120mm / 140mm / 150mm / 160mm / 170mm
Travel Adjustment
Internal - Service & Parts required
Axle Spacing
110mm Boost
Axle Type
15mm Floating Thru Axle
Damper Type
Twin Tube
Spring Type
Compression Adjustment
High & Low Speed
Rebound Adjustment
Low Speed
Stanchion Diameter
Stanchion Coating
Hard Anodised
44mm or 51mm
Steerer Type
Tapered 1 1/8 - 1.5
Steerer Material
Min. Rotor Size
Max. Rotor Size

Ohlins RXF 36 M2 Coil Custom Tuning

Tuning your Ohlins fork allows us to optimize performance for low-speed damping and high-speed damping inputs.

For compression, these inputs can be considered to be your bodyweight affecting the damper (low-speed, LSC) and terrain inputs (high-speed, HSC).

These inputs are "damped" by the TTX twin-tube damper which features in both the TTX shocks and the RXF and Dh forks.

Your LSC and HSC adjuster on the top of your fork or on your TTX damper gives you 15 clicks of useable adjustment for low-speed compression and rebound and 3 clicks of high-speed compression with the 4th click engaging your pedal platform or "lockout".

With the Ohlins settings bank, we can customise the damping force that your fork exserts irrespective of your adjuster settings and we have a wide range of tunes available for all weight ranges and riding styles.

The shim arrangement on the main piston dictates how much fluid is displaced into the HSC and LSC valves. Once we select the correct shim arrangement for your weight this force can be fine-tuned on your adjusters to get the perfect ride without getting lost in too many clicks!

Ohlins Custom Tuning Rebound Chart
Ohlins Custom Tuning Compression Chart

Plush Suspension Service & Tuning

We are in the unique position to offer you in-house industry-leading suspension service and custom tuning through our sister business Plush Suspension.

We can support you with all your suspension service needs as well as offer our unique Plush Setup service to get your entire suspension setup dialled in for your weight and riding style.

We can even custom tune your Ohlins suspension to get the best possible performance from you and your bike!

Click below to read more about Plush Suspension service and tuning

Plush Suspension
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Our suspension workshop houses a wide array of specialist tools and machines along with a large inventory of spares and service parts. All service, warranty and custom tuning work is completed on-site by our very own suspension experts who have many years of racing and industry experience backed up by product-specific training by Ohlins at their headquarters in Sweden.

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