MTB Hopper Pro Portable Ramp

MTB Hopper Pro Portable Ramp

Tested with bikes, snowboards & motorbikes... This kicker is perfect for huge 10-15m jumps, road gaps & backflips!

  • Mobility - You're gonna need a car for this one!
  • Safety - Bright color makes the ramp more visible both in nature & the city. Your video edits will look awesome!
  • Simplicity - Super easy & fast assembly. It assembles in less than 3 minutes!
  • Geometry - The design allows you to change the angles & height of the kicker, which makes it versatile - suitable for any terrain & surfaces
  • Usability - The 760 mm width gives you better confidence to do tricks such as 360 & etc
  • Versatility - Perfect for long-distance jumps, as well as massive air jumps too! Adaptive legs changes the character & overall feel of the product
  • Stability - Bigger leg travel (upto 150mm) ensures the kicker stability and adaptability on any surface
  • Grip - Special CNC surface treatment & specific paint makes the ramp grip extremely well at any conditions. The 520 mm width gives you better confidence to do various tricks
  • Dimensions - Packed size: 760 x 700 x 150mm / Packed weight: 20kg / Built size: 760 x 2100 x 850mm

The Story

MTB HOPPER idea was born a few years ago. It was designed by riders who have countless years of multi-discipline experience and mountain biking is their lifestyle!
After many prototypes and rough testing MTB HOPPER was released and it's already recognized by local and global communities. We believe that our product brings training and events to another level. Due to progressive geometry MTB HOPPER is perfect for your first jump, and still brings lots of fun for advanced riders. If there’s no bike park nearby, just get together with a few friends and put some MTB HOPPERs in the local woods, backyard or any street spot. Your imagination is the only limiting factor to what can be done with MTB HOPPER!

Delivery / Collection

MTB HOPPER products are a little bigger than your usual online purchase so you can arrange to collect them from Brink store or MTB HOPPERs can ship them straight to your door. Please note, either option can take upto 7 working days so thanks in advance for your patience!