Specialized Turbo Kenevo Expert Öhlins Edition 2020

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2020 Kenevo Expert Ohlins Edition

When the 2020 Kenevo Expert was released we thought that it was a brilliant decision to put Triple Clamps on the front of the bike to make the most of the Charging Capability of the Kenevo. But we thought we could do one better by kitting out with Full Öhlins Suspension to make this a bike that knows no bounds! The Dh38 and TTX22m Coil Shock make this a downhill Ebike that can shuttle itself!


BRINK is incredibly proud to bring you a handpicked selection of the very best Specialized has to offer. High end mountain bikes, and a select few other items that stand out for their exceptional quality or fantastic value for money. This is without doubt some of the finest mountain biking equipment in the world.

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